The low barrier-to-entry and scalability of the E-commerce industry has afforded many the opportunity to make their mark in a way that would not have been possible years ago. While this is the case, opportunity does not equal execution and many companies lack the ability to capitalize on this era of golden opportunity. This is where Francisco Cattaneo has managed to make his mark. 18-year-old Argentinian, Francisco is a Gen-Z entrepreneur who has that rare and skillful ability to turn unique ideas into multiple businesses that are both profitable and innovative. Francisco was able to surpass the $100,000 mark in sales within his first year in this business.

Francisco shares that, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

At the age of 18, Francisco has managed to establish himself as one of the ecommerce leaders in the industry. It is said that you can predict the future of someone by looking at his present. Francisco did even better than this idiom, he thrived for success at a very young age, embarking on his first business adventure with his friends when he was only 11 years old. Procuring bicycles, enhancing their appearance, and reselling them for a profit. A pretty simple yet innovative idea. Shooting videos was his first exposure to the modern business world when he was 16 years old. 

Francisco learned the value of building a digital presence and leveraged it to form a digital multimedia content. He started a firm that assisted small companies in reaching a larger audience by providing a YouTube presence. He used to film, edit and publish all the videos on the Internet by himself. However, this only lasted a year because Francisco desired to work in a field that needed less time investment. He was well aware that he needed change. He had to trust his instincts and act quickly if he wanted to create something large — something bigger than he could even imagine. That’s when he invested himself into E-commerce.

Francisco began his first online company at the age of 17 and failed miserably. He realised that adopting traditional wisdom would only result in poor outcomes. Francisco had invested $1000 in this company at that instance, and after it collapsed, he was left with just $200. Yet, after perseverance, he arrived at a watershed moment in his life, He now has a team to run the company, and a lot of free time for himself. Francisco works solely with his computer to sell goods all over the world.

On the subject of his entrepreneurial success Francisco stated,“I believe I was successful because I am a hard worker who enjoys learning new things. I understand that any time I make a mistake, I must learn from it and move on; persistence is the key. I always say that how a person treats a waitress in a restaurant tells a lot about them. It's impossible to excel, in my opinion, if you don't respect and care about others”. Francisco isn't one to look back or rest on his laurels; instead, he is always looking ahead, planning the next deal or venture he wants to be a part of, or more likely, launch. Francisco was able to get back on his feet after several defeats because he had ambition and a desire to succeed.

Francisco is also endeavouring for more, with potential plans to grow and scale his companies, resulting in more satisfied customers around the world. After establishing himself as an authority in e-commerce Francisco sought out a way to diversify and plans to begin investing in real estate, which has been one of childhood dreams. He ponders the "why" of his company's existence. as he feels Understanding this "why" and developing a genuine vision for his business would aid him in interacting with consumers and forming genuine bonds.

As the world shifts more and more to one where “perception is reality”, someone like Francisco can play an incredibly powerful role in building out a massively credible ecommerce industry. He has been able to put himself in a position where he can cultivate monumentally powerful digital footprints seemingly out of thin air. There have been various suggestions by industry leaders advocating that e-commerce companies need to provide more transparent and comprehensive information about their products. While these are all potential options, only time will be able to tell us what to expect of the future of the ecommerce industry. And whatever that future may hold, expect to see Francisco Cattaneo at the forefront of it.