Several jewelry brands are in the market, but what makes 6 Ice different is its fascinating designs, high quality plating, and hip-hop influenced creation. If you are a fan of rap music, you must have observed the gleaming jewelry that artists wear to decorate music with personality. Being a fan of rap music, Jordan Duran created magic in manufacturing unpredictable and amazing jewelry pieces with no comparison. Because of his interest to dedicate his love and passion for hip-hop music culture, he formed a superlative brand, 6 Ice, which blooms rap music with its stupendous jewelry products.

 The affordable pricing that 6 Ice offers is only one of the many factors that makes this brand stand out in the world of hip-hop. The thrilling collection of bracelets, gold chains, stud earrings and trendy watches have captured a large audience in Canada. The jewelry is created with high-quality materials and is no doubt one of the best options to choose from among several other brands. There is always innovation in the design according to the latest trend and demands of the rap music industry. There are several options available to choose from according to colour or designs, such as gold- and silver-plated pieces and solid gold options. What makes 6 Ice unique is its process of coating five times PVD in 18K Gold to produce a lucrative and functional finish. Also, the robust process ensures its durability, making it everlasting compared to other types of gold-plated jewelry available in the market, giving a lifetime warranty to its valuable customer. Also, it offers to replace or exchange if any piece is found unsatisfactory. What is more could we ask for?

Jordon Duran believes in saying, "When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts." Hence, he never compromised the quality to gain high profit. Apart from this Jordan believes in giving back to the community thus, they host a monthly Instagram giveaway program where the top five winners are each rewarded $1000.

6 Ice, with its unbeatable quality and designs, allows you to represent your love for hip-hop, glittering your look with the latest fashion trends at an economical rate.