When we think about the market situation in the present scenario that too at the time of this pandemic situation like COVID-19 which is spread throughout the world . What could one expect as market demand, well I think you may say essentials like food, water, electricity, etc and the things that come under our daily needs right? well, you are right at a certain point but what If I say it is none of it but the business of something, some product that is not often heard and especially a product for which discussion at the place like India is considered to be either very inappropriate or a taboo in short.

Keeping you no more in suspense it is the Adult toy industry or what we say sex toys that are highly in demand. Yes, In a country like India where people even feel hesitant to talk about this topic but when it comes to sex ratio it leads among the top six in the world also is one of the countries with the maximum number of rape cases.

As we know as the restrictions have continued more and more people have turned to creative measures to break the monotony and entertain themselves. Some look to learn new hobbies, friends online and then there are a couple and single alike who explored a different aspect of intimacy- inviting adult toys in their bedroom. Where on the other hand despite all the challenges Akhil Gupta owner of NaughtyNights which is one of the most popular adult toys retailer sites which has also delivered its products to several famous actors and actresses the industry have gained thirty percent increase in totality and double the number of sales in couple toys during last three months.

Though it was found that after February or specifically after valentines there was a dwindle down in sales but soon after this pandemic crisis the sales boomed the market. When we see it from a different perspective it not acts as a stress buster to an extent but also saves so many long term conflicts that arise specifically due to these kinds of reasons.

Whereas this company provides more than 100 plus types of branded products with 5000 plus articles related to sex toys you may give it thought also It is been estimated that soon the company will turn out to be the next Amazon for the supply of adult toys throughout the nation. I personally feel if we claim that our country is moving towards modernization then its not the clothes that are important but the mentality, likewise I feel the growth of this kind of industry is beneficial in wholesome as this might also help reduce the rape cases in our country.