Boobie Secrets 101: 9 Funny and Crazy Things Girls Do With Their Boobs Secretly You Wished You Knew
Boobs (Representational purposes only Photo Credits: Unsplash)

Women have so much fun when they are alone. They can be both extraordinarily talkative and charmingly mysterious as well. Being a woman is quite a blessing, even though we have our set of hurdles BUT I mean if we chuck the 7 days of menstrual periods and creepy men making our lives hell, our days are quite fun mostly. We can wear so many types of clothes, apply makeup as much as we want and have some excellent time with our girlfriends. Remember the episode of friends where Ross, Chandler and Joey have a fun banter with the ladies Rachel, Monica and Pheobe about which gender has a better life? Joey cited how women can see boobs whenever they want and don't tell me you didn't feel that he was accurate! Those little, soft and mushy boobies are actually a blessing! While big boobs have their own set of problems, but they are mostly fun to play with (Not in the way you're thinking, you nasty!) Men do love boobies, but also wonder what we women do with our boobs when we are alone. Allow us to educate you! 9 Things Girls Secretly Do When They Are Alone That No One Will Tell You.

Here are things women secretly do with their boobs that men don't know!

1. We love to stay braless at home, and yes we play with it unknowingly many times! Also, not to mention, we can take off our bra within the tee itself.

2. Sometimes when we lie down our boobs do fall on our chin, and it is funny.

3. We sometimes climb stairs or run holding our boobs when at home braless because we don't want it to shake a lot.

4. When we turn on our bed, we have to make space for our boobs accordingly.

5. Try out different bras and deep neck clothes.

6. We sometimes rest our boobs on the dining table while we sit. It just makes us feel comfortable.

7. Warm our hands sometime. Believe it or not, the middle of the boobs is the warmest place during winters or when the A/C is blasting, and we're lazy.

8. While taking a bath, we do apply the body wash foam on it and see how slippery it gets. No judging.

9. Check our boobies out. We've all done that. No reasons... just checking them out in the mirror casually!

Sometimes we also store food in them, absolutely unknowingly! Yes, don't tell me you have never found a piece of popcorn squeezed in between your boob when you open your bra after a long day.