No matter how sophisticated and classy we look around others in public, all alone at home, we can be our true selves. Unlike the popular opinion about girls, many of us love being left alone and have some time to ourselves. In this busy world, once in a while, a few hours to yourself does seem like everything you ever needed, right? Not only does it make you feel calm and a little less scattered, but you can actually do whatever you want, guilt-free, with nobody to judge you. Some like being lazy at home, sleeping all the time, having junk food, wearing just anything or maybe jumping on your bed for no reason, I don't know. For all the men who ever wondered what girls do when they are alone, here are a few crazy things they do when no one is watching them.

  1. Play with their boobs: Girls play with their boobs knowingly or unknowingly when they are alone. They usually don't do it in the presence of many but alone, and they do it for sure. It could be while watching a movie or while reading something.
  2. Try out sexy clothes: Yes! Many girls like trying out maybe sexy lingerie or a sheer top when no one is watching. Girls check themselves out in the mirror and try to figure out what they can actually carry out in real life- maybe for a steamy night or something.
  3. Play with their hair: Consciously or unconsciously girls keep doing this. Except when they are alone they try out different ways bangs could look could or maybe a long lock falling on their cheek.
  4. Eat guilt-free: Eating Nutella right from the jar to binging on cheese and chips, we binge eat guilt-free when no one is watching us. Sometimes we don't even care if we are going a bit over the top and messy.
  5. Apply makeup, try daring shades: We sometimes try out shades that we may not otherwise wear and walk out. Maybe a bold eye shadow or an off-beat coloured lipstick or eyeliner. You try them all. Sometimes you actually figure out a new shade that you didn't think of before.
  6. Click crazy selfies: We have all been there. Trying out seductive to crazy poses, being alone calls for many selfies. And why not! We do get so many Instagram-worthy pics that way.
  7. Get dirty: Yes! Girls do masturbate when they are alone. And it is great fun. You can try out crazy stuff when you're alone, maybe discover a new erogenous point in your body.
  8. Netflix and chill by themselves: Just binge watch all the season of Friends all over again or start a new series. Netflix and chilling alone is the best thing you can do alone.
  9. Read a book: Reading a book when there is no one to disturb you around is the best feeling! We do love reading excellent books when we are alone, sometimes even finish the whole book at once.

We wonder what boys do when they are alone? Maybe nothing different. We all get a little crazy when we are all by ourselves and have nothing to do.

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