Only being established for two months Craig Castle and the team over at CMA have been able to turn heads and help all sorts of people grow their platforms. “In 2020 social media is one of the biggest platforms for influencers and businesses to make money and grow their brands. Followers= Credibility. “ - Craig .

At CMA you can find easy, affordable solutions that will save you the hassle of attracting future customers. We believe in being able to boost your exposure and engagement without having to break the bank or have irrelevant traffic come to your page. Born in Ottawa Ontario, Craig Castle is a 28 year old former Costco Wholesale employee who quit his job last summer and moved to Toronto in search of more opportunities. He credits his work ethic and drive for success to his dad Daniel, who migrated to Canada from Kingston Jamaica in 1991. “

My whole life I have watched my father work his tail off to make sure we always had everything we needed. “ I still remember when I was young and our car broke down and my father still got up and rode my bike to work to make it for his 4:30am shift. Our house was 20 minutes away by car so you can only imagine how early he had to wake up to make it on time.” Since moving to Toronto he’s been able to solidify countless connections in the music and entertainment industry that helps him connect with the celebrities and famous influencers to promote the campaigns.

Castle marketing agency is a Toronto based digital marketing agency that provides services all over Canada and the United States. If you are a small or a medium sized business owner and are looking to drive more traffic to your businesses pages, their giveaway formula is a homerun for any business looking to take the next step and get to the next level. They have helped influencers land brand deals and are working unselfishly to help companies achieve their goals. CMA is currently working on a campaign with Hip Hop artist Quavo for their next giveaway.