Colour Pencils Nails The Latest Instagram Beauty Trend That Will Make You Go ‘Why GOD Why!’
Coloured Pencil Nails Is The Latest Nail Trend On Social Media. (Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ nail_sunny)

Instagram's weird beauty trends know no bounds. All you have to do is imagine the most inappropriate thing that goes on your fingers, lips and eyelids and the next thing you see is, your imagination becoming a beauty trend in no time. Right from vagina nails to inserting glitter capsules in your vagina to have a shimmery orgasm, the internet has seen it all. Why bother honing your skills at the realistic, sane and traditional beauty skills when you can just make something weird out of the blue and call it a beauty trend?

This recent nail trend that gone viral will make you stop and ponder, WHY? This trend is called the Colored Pencil Nails and you literally have the colour pencils you used as a child on your nails. While it is a difficult task to make your nails look exactly like a few colour pencils have grown on your finger, it surely is highly impractical.

However, kudos to the artist to be able to replicate the whole colour pencil look right on the fingernails. Take a look at how the coloured pencil nails look:


1 or 2?

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Here's the tutorial that will teach you how you how you can achieve the coloured pencil nails if you are artistic enough:

Crayon nails ? #nailsunnytutorial video by @edo_movs

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