The growing world is of the Digital generation and belongs to the people who are young and successful, who are extremely focused on what they want to achieve in life. Meet two of such a few people who hustled hard with all their passion to achieve a great milestone in his life. Aleem Khan and Vasaf Mohammad Mansuri are the men who built an empire from scratch to a world-class level with their true dedication and hard work. Here, young Entrepreneurs Aleem Khan and Vasaf Mohammad Mansuri share what keeps them motivated to achieve these great heights and become more successful.

Aleem! You was just 16 and Vasaf! You was just 17 when you both started your career so how did you get that motivation to take the first step?

Yeah, it’s true We were only 16 and 17 years old when we got to know about Digital Industry and Digital marketing. At the age when others were playing and chatting over social media, We decided to stand out different in the crowd. We always wanted to be ahead of others. We wanted to be something useful for others so that We could be able to add value to others' lives and help them reach where they want to through your profession. This is what motivated us, gave us the strength to take our first step in the digital marketing industry.

You both have also founded a well-known digital marketing company “Seven Hub Marketing Solutions” together, tells us something about that.

Well, when I ( Vasaf Mohammad Mansuri ) was pursuing my BBA degree from Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidhyalaya, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, I kept on experimenting with new ideas and keeps discussing them with Aleem and one day we both decided to start a Digital Marketing Company named Seven Hub Digital Marketing Solutions which will provide every Digital Marketing Services all over the world. And with our continuous efforts and skills, Seven Hub Marketing Solutions successfully helped a lot of Influencers, Bollywood celebrities to grow their personality over social media platforms. Seven Hub Marketing Solutions is handling clients from all over the world and delivering profitable results.

What are your plans for the future?

The only plan we have for the future is to hustle harder, gain more knowledge, sharpen our skills and expand our experience. You know, a lot of people stop grinding after achieving only 1% of their success and that's what turns their success into failure but we are not going to stop here, we will still prefer more hustle and hard work.

Anything for the youngsters?

We only want to say that never stops, never give up. Things will take time but giving up is not the right decision. Always look forward to learning new things and expanding your knowledge. Do not be afraid of experimenting, experiments will give you the experience. And just be consistent with whatever you are doing. Consistency and hard work are the only keys to unlock success.