Deepika Padukone Moves In For The Kill With Her Sharp Avatar! View Pic
Deepika Padukone Is A Stunner in This Visual (Image Credit: Instagram)

Flirtatious with her smartly crafted see-through couture,  Deepika Padukone will keep your gaze fixated on this visual. Deliciously dark and definitely statement-making, this frame stands for the brand Deepika. The gal who continues to move up the ladder, with her astuteness as indeed with her willingness to allow destiny to play its role, is only seeking the untrodden pastures if not creating newer space where only she could rule. And ruling she already is when it comes to the collective consciousness of her fans.

From the bodacious and the boisterous choices  she is making on the commercial front,  (on second thoughts, she is not making any this year, and thereby acquiring the rightful adjective 'choosey'.) to ensuring that any decision made in the personal zone must come from the space of love, Deepika is winning hearts in millions, all over again! Exclusive! Deepika Padukone Invites Priyanka Chopra To Her Wedding, And We Can't Wait To See Them Do 'Pinga' Again!

Mind you it's not just the black-and-white composition of this photograph that has enhanced Deepika's prowess as a star and as a sensation here. The way the lights are employed, the way in which her profile is captured and the posture selected, coupled with Deepika's unmatched presence, everything makes this one sharp and surreal. The interplay of mystery and magic offered here acts as a perfect icing on this delectable treat!