Do You Fantasise During Sex? 4 Things About Having Dirty Thoughts That You Should Know
Fantasizing during sex (Photo Credits: TheNounProject/File Photo)

Fantasies are great! Sex is more about the brain and thoughts than just the body. But do you fantasise while having sex with your partner? That could really speak a lot about your sex life than anything else! If you really need to fantasise to orgasm while having sex, this is a kind of thing you and your partner must consider, seriously. However, did you know that fantasising during sex is also probably quite common among couples? A survey done in 2015 by a sex toy retailer found out that about 46 percent of women and 42 percent of men admitted to thinking about other people during sex with their partner. So, maybe you are not alone. Sex Tip of the Week: How to Talk Dirty To Each Other – The Dos and Don’ts

However, some people may be appalled by the idea of their partners thinking about someone else while having sex with them. But it is not all that bad. It all depends on how you perceive it. For some, it can make sex completely exciting whereas, for some, it can be a total turn off. Since, it is totally subjective and depends on your relationship with your partner, you must know both sides. Here are a few things you must consider:

It Is Good For The Sex

Believe it or not, the fantasising works for good sex! The more a person fantasises (if you want to) the more excited they become while having sex which means better orgasms! So if the fantasies aren't really leading on to something, there is probably no harm in letting your thoughts wander. Sex Sounds That No One Prepared You For! 6 Noises That Will Turn You On in Bed.

The Porn Influence

Sometimes people imagine situations they see in porn and they stayed with them. They imagine the same scenarios they may have liked in certain XXX porn they may have seen earlier while having sex with you. Now, that is probably harmless!

Make Room For Fantasies Openly

If the partner is okay with the other fantasising, it is better to make room for it.  The fantasises affect their sex lives in a better way. Maybe tell each other the dirtiest thing they have done and make things more exciting.

Boredom Could Have A Hand In This

In the worst case, the lost excitement have a hand in this. Maybe the person fantasising is really not having fun with the other person and the two should talk about it.

Well, there are various aspects of fantasising during sex that couples should consider. If you are one of them who love to fantasise while having sex or has a partner who does the same, maybe you two should talk about it. But remember that if it is only helping the two of you have better sex, use it as a tool to improve your sex life

(This article is only for informative purpose and shouldn't be substituted for professional advice.)