Hair Care in Monsoon: 5 Smart Tips to Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free During The Rainy Season
Hair care during monsoon (Photo Credits: Flickr, Betsy Jons)

As soothing and lovely the rains may be, they surely also come with many problems which can get on your nerves, one of them being frizzy hair. The rain takes a toll on your beautiful curls and turns them into an unmanageable, frizzy mess. This happens because of the high level of moisture in the air. The hair tends to become rough and dry during the monsoons and can totally ruin both your mood and look.

People with curly or wavy locks or those whose hair has gone through some chemical changes like hair colouring or perming, are more prone to get frizzy hair during the monsoons. Fret not, just follow these five simple hair care tips and you are set to absolutely rock your monsoon look.

Wash Your Hair Properly

Follow a healthy washing regime and switch to frizz control products. Shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly with products specially meant for frizz control, there are a lot of good ones available in the market in different budget ranges.

Blow Dry

Go from wet to dry immediately. Make sure you blow dry your hair completely and leave no strand wet after a shower. Also make sure you do not rough dry it with a towel because this can ruffle the cuticle, causing frizz.

Avoid Moisture

Moisture in hair does more harm than good during the rainy season to both skin and hair. It is best to avoid products that can leave moisture in your hair during the monsoon, such as hair sprays etc. Since there is already too much humidity outside, don't give your hair an added dose of wetness.

Use a Wide-Toothed Comb

Frizzy hair also brings along the problem of hair fall. It is best to use a wide-tooth comb instead of your usual hairbrush so that minimum damage is caused to your wet hair when you comb them.

Style It Right

Style your hair according to the weather. Be smart and before the rain ruins your hair, style it in a rain-friendly way. You can opt for the classic top bun to avoid minimum styling problems during the monsoons. Curling your hair up during rains is another good option because, well, the rain is anyway going to do it, why not make it a style statement? You can also experiment with braids. Remember, the wavier your hair, the tighter you braid them.

There you go! Follow these simple tips and make every day a good hair day this monsoon.