Lady Gaga's Black And White Photoshoot With Variety Mag Is Sublime - View Pics
Lady Gaga's sublime photoshoot for Variety magazine. Picture Courtesy: Twitter

Lady Gaga does not plan to get over her character Ally from A Star is Born anytime soon. She says, “I feel Ally inside of me. I wonder how long she’ll stay. Or if she’ll be in there forever.” Don't know about whether Ally's character will stay within her but she sure will stay on the cover of Variety magazine. Keeping her cute quirks in place matched by the poise of being on the cover of Variety, Lady Gaga has found the perfect balance.

Keeping her blonde locks the way they are, the photo shoot has Gaga wear nothing but a white loose shirt buttoned enough to make it look sexy and a pair of pointy boots. She is seen romancing the chair by taking up interesting poses whilst flaunting her tattoos. Yep, we did notice the 'peace' sign and the unicorn riding up her thigh. There's something sublime about the photo shoot that can't be pointed out but can be experienced.

The photo shoot took place in her home in Malibu just a week before the diva had to evacuate due to the Woolsey fire. The magazine revealed that initially Gaga had no idea what to don for the photo shoot. However, just as she slipped on a taupe men's collared shirt, the diva got creative.

Turns out the shirt she has donned in the photo shoot is the same shirt that was worn by her A Star is Born co-star Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine in various key scenes! Talk about awesomeness, this one takes the cake! Despite taking on weird positions on a wobbly stool in her black suede knee-high boots that have stiletto heels, Gaga managed to perform series of mind blowing acrobatic moves!