Met Gala 2019: Kim Kardashian’s Nude Dress Wins the Internet, But Her Nature-Defying Teeny Tiny Waist Doesn’t
Kim Kardashian Wet, nude dress (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian set the temperature soaring high and beyond on the met gala 2019 pink carpet. Tricking the eyes, Kim K managed to look like she just took a dip in the ocean and came out looking sizzling delish. Se wore a nude, sheer knee-length dress with a plunging neckline. The dress has studs that gave an impression of water droplets dripping off her body. Kim Kardashian had hinted earlier that her dress is inspired vintage pic of Sophia Loren, wet and sultry from the 1957 film, Boy on a Dolphin. She looked like a real mermaid, and it is actually hard to keep up with her! Kim K wore a nude, body-hugging Mugler dress. However, what grabbed everyone's eyes was that her waist looked almost invisible in the dress, even with all the dripping in beads and sequins, she managed to give a physics-defying hourglass figure. Maintaining the balance of nature, Kanye West wore a black jacket and pants in a not-so-out-there look.

Take a look at Kim Kardashian's wet look from MET 2019:

However, while many people praised her look, people couldn't help but talk about how incredibly small her waist looked. Her waist was called "fake" and "invisible" and people also spoke about how it would affect the body image issues of the young girls who look up to her.

Here are some of the reactions that Kim Kardashian's Wet look and "invisible" waist received:

Worth Pondering

Kinda true

Wait a minute, who did this?

Trying to focus on her teeny tiny waist and people distracting me like... LOL

Wassup with this video?


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Original vs kim's version

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It is difficult to actually comment on her waist size and its impact on body image issues and beauty standards because then a lot of other things will need to be taken into consideration. What do you think?