Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados Wipes Off Makeup on Television After Critics Claimed She’s Beautiful Only With Makeup On
Gazini Ganados (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Gazini Ganados stunned her fans and viewers when she removed her makeup in front of everyone on national television. The Miss Universe Philippines 2019 received some criticism online where some people made comments about Gazini looking beautiful only with makeup. After the criticism, she offered to remove her makeup for everyone to see her natural face and people were left in awe. Priyanka Chopra's Personalised Tote is Just Another Reason to Envy Her - View Pics.

Gazini Ganados was seen on the newest episode of the talk show, Tonight With Boy Abunda. A clip from the episode has now gone viral on the internet after it was uploaded to the channel’s YouTube channel on June 25. The host talks to Miss Universe Philippines 2019 about the critics calling her ugly without makeup and Gazini had the best answer for it.

Gazini Looking Marvellous on Her Recent Instagram Post From the Show:

She offered to remove her makeup right then, in front of a live audience and on television. Her exact words were, "Sorry, Pero gusto mo tanggalin natin?". Boy Abunda’s initial reaction was of shock. The shift in his reaction was visible as it turned from shock to respect. Jaclyn Hill Offers Refund for Mouldy Lipsticks, But Doesn’t Talk of Recalling The Spoilt Products Yet.

Video of Her Taking Her Makeup Off:

Gazini Ganados is inspiring us to be comfortable in our own skin. She gave the haters what they needed and proved she’s beautiful with and without makeup. She handled the hate and criticism gracefully and the confidence was on her face was impressive. Impressive is an understatement. She knew she’s gorgeous and didn’t think for a second to prove it! After winning this pageant, Gazini will be participating in the Miss Universe contest. We wish her luck.