Suman Rao Looks Chic in This Black A-Line Dress for Miss World 2019 Interviews Ahead of the Finale Night (View Pics)
Suman Rao (Photo Credits: sumanratanrao/ Instagram)

The most exciting annual beauty pageant, Miss World, is ongoing. So many moments from the 69th edition is surfacing online that shows the reigning beauty queens from many countries across the world. For people in India, they are drooling over their Miss India World, Suman Ratansingh Rao, who by the way has made it to the top 40. Our glamorous diva not only made it to the Miss World 2019 head-to-head competition but also is one of the top ten finalists for the prestigious award, Miss World 2019 Beauty With A Purpose. Your girl is surely leaving no stone unturned to bring back the crown! The Miss India World 2019 winner, Rao has shared glimpses of her from interviews, and she looks ethereal, just ahead of the finale night. Dressed in an all-black long A-line dress, the beauty queen’s appearance is chic as she is slated to hit the Miss World 2019 runway.

The final hour before the Miss World grand finale night is exceptionally eventful. Preliminary competitions, practise sessions, interviews, events, and so many other things grip the beauty queens. It is pretty hectic and stressful for the beauty queens. But our Miss India World, Suman Rao seems to have braced all of that. Applying very minimal makeup and letting her hair loose to compliment the gorgeous black dress, the 21-year-old looks so effortlessly beautiful. You cannot take your eyes off her! Suman Rao, Miss World India 2019 Hot and Sexy Pictures That Will Make You Cheer for Her, LOUDER. 

Suman Rao in Beautiful A-Line Black Dress:

That Smile!

Be it the runway or interviews like these, Suman Rao knows how to leave the audience and judges stunned and keep her answers clear and loud. This is what makes her one of the Miss World hopefuls that fans are rooting for. With the hours passing by, we are struggling to keep our calm for the gala night. Miss World 2019 will be held on December 14, 2019, at ExCel in London, United Kingdom.