Pujo elo! The triumph of good over evil is celebrated during Durga Puja with high spirits. The major festival of Bengalis, referred to as Sharodotsav or Durgotsav, Durga Puja, celebrates the power of Shakti. Symbolised by Goddess Durga who wields an assortment of weapons in her ten days, ride a mighty lion, the festival is a treat to witness. The spirits are high, and even a pandemic cannot dampen the festive love. Although low-key, Durga Puja 2020 is here, and it starts with Sashti, which is on October 22. While we are all ready to welcome Maa Durga and engaged in all the traditions related to the festival, there is this dance form which is performed in front of Maa Durga. Dhunuchi Naach—a prominent custom and one of the most awaited activities during the festival, it involves devotees dancing for Maa Durga aarti, with the rhythmic beats of dhak. What is the significance of Dhunuchi Naach in Durga Puja 2020? In this article, we bring you every detail you should know about the traditional dance, along with video tutorials to learn and ace the Dhunachi nritya.

Dhunuchi Naach Significance in Durga Puja

Dhunuchi is a clay stem, filled with burning coal, coconut husk and incense. Dancers hold two or even three at once, sometimes on their chins, and twirl their way into a swirling motion. The dancers are accompanied by the rhythmic beats of the dhak, making a beautiful performance to watch, until a state of spiritual oneness is achieved.

Dhunuchi is a flared shape earthen receptacle held by a stem. They are traditionally made of clay that has natural insulation properties. Dhunuchi Naach or Dhunuchi Aarti is performed to thank the Goddess Durga. Among Bengalis, Dhuno is considered a purifier, a reason it is offered to gods. It purifies the air and also used as a traditional mosquito repellent in Bengali households. Pandals host Dhunuchi or aarti completion, where performers would participate and make the festival even more beautiful with their performance. In this article, we also bring you some video tutorials to watch and learn how to perform this traditional dance form during Durga Puja 2020.

Watch Video Tutorial of Dhunuchi Dance

Watch Video: Dhunuchi Dance

Watch Video: Dhunuchi Dance Performance

Dhunuchi aarti is a spectacle, and it keeps you on edge. The performance is a unique phenomenon in India, equal parts fierce and beautiful. Earlier, only men used to perform the traditional dance, but over time, women have joined in the celebration. We wish you and your family, a very Happy Durga Puja 2020! Stay safe and follow the guidelines to enjoy this spectacular annual festival.

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