Ganga Saptami is a day dedicated to Goddess Ganga. Celebrated on the seventh day in the bright phase of the Hindu month of Vaishakh, Ganga Saptami 2022 will be celebrated on May 8. Also known as Ganga Jayanti, this day is focused on praying to Goddess Ganga and reciting various famous legends and stories about Ganga Ji. Ganga Saptami 2022 is sure to be an extremely auspicious day. People often take this opportunity to share facts about Goddess Ganga, folklore on the Ganges River, Ganga Saptami wishes and messages and Ganga Jayanti 2022 WhatsApp status messages and Facebook pictures with family and friends. May 2022 Holidays Calendar With Major Festivals & Events: Check Date Sheet of All Important Dates And Indian Bank Holidays for The Month.

Ganga is Shifting

It is a known fact that rivers gradually shift their course. However, the Holy Ganges has shifted its original course by 500 mts in the last few decades. According to several experts, the Ganga river, which is located in Haridwar, is shifting towards Bangladesh and its shift has become especially pronounced in the past 30 years.

The Size of Ganga

While we all revere the Ganges as a holy river, it is also immensely vast. The river also holds immense importance in maintaining the ecological balance by housing approximately 140 species of fish and 90 species of amphibians. This is the reason that a lot of special significance has been given to the increased pollution of the Ganga river in the past few decades. Various initiatives are strenuously working towards keeping the Ganga clean.

The Holy Ganga

The religious significance of this river is known to all. There are various traditions and history associated with the river. However, the most common belief is that the holy water from the river Ganga can wash away all our sins.

Descendent From Heaven to Earth

It is believed that Goddess Ganga is the vehicle of ascent from earth to heaven. The Ganga river is considered to flow through heaven, earth, and the netherworld and, consequently, is a "tirtha" or crossing point of all beings, the living and the dead.

We hope that this Ganga Jayanti brings with it all the positivity and hope in the world. Here's wishing everyone a Happy Ganga Saptami 2022!

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