Hariyali Teej is one of the three most important Teej festivals celebrated by Hindu women across India. The other two major observances are Kajari Teej and Hartalika Teej. Hariyali Teej is the first Sawan Teej that is considered an important Hindu holy festival when North Indian women dress in new clothes and pray for their husband's long life and prosperity. Sawan Teej is observed on the third day of the Shukla Paksha of Shravan month. Thus, Hariyali Teej 2022 will be celebrated on July 31, Sunday. Know about the date, day and significance of this auspicious festival and indulge in the celebratory functions with full energy and enthusiasm.

Also known as Sawan Teej, Choti Teej and Madhusrava Teej, Hariyali Teej will be observed two days before Nag Panchami, which is on August 2, Tuesday. The festival falls during the monsoon season and holds as much significance as Karwa Chauth does for Hindu women. On this day, married women wear sixteen adornments, including bangles, mehndi, sindoor, etc., as it is believed that such ornaments would keep their husbands protected from evils. Delicious sweets and food items are also prepared on Choti Teej. Scroll down to know more about Hariyali Teej 2022 date and significance. Sawan Month 2022 Festivals List: From Raksha Bandhan to Shravani Mela; Check Full List Hindu Festivals Celebrated During Shravan Maas

Hariyali Teej 2022 Date

Hariyali Teej 2022 will be observed on July 31, Sunday. The festival is celebrated during the monsoon month when the surroundings are green, hence, giving it a name, Hariyali (Green) Teej. During this period, Goddess Parvati, also called Teej Mata, is worshipped to bestow blessings over all the married women for a happy and prosperous married life. Below are some critical timings of Hariyali Teej 2022

Hariyali Teej 2022 Tithi Timings

Sunrise - 06:01 AM on July 31, Sunday

Sunset - 07:05 PM on July 31, Sunday

Tritiya Tithi Starts - 03:00 AM on July 31, Sunday

Tritiya Tithi Ends - 04:18 AM on August 1, Monday

Significance of Hariyali Teej 2022

The festive day is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva, as it was on this day that Lord Shiva accepted her as his wife. Women get ready in traditional dresses and adorn themselves with different ornaments. It is also believed that married women must visit their parents' house Hariyali Teej. As a part of rituals, they apply mehndi designs on their hands and feet, which remains the most significant part of the festival. They practice 'Nirjala Vrat', where they cannot even drink water for the entire day. The fast is broken after the worship of the moon. The idols of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva are also kept together and worshipped along with religious hymns and songs to celebrate the festival with absolute joy and excitement.

Hariyali Teej Vrat holds a particular importance in the lives of married Indian women who showcase their devotion to their families and pray for their happiness and welfare. May Teej Mata shower her blessings on you and your family. Happy Hariyali Teej 2022!

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