National Day of Singapore 2019: Top Places to Visit and Tourist Attractions in The Island Country
Singapore (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The National Day of Singapore is celebrated every year on August 9. On this day, Singapore got its independence from Malaysia in the year 1965. It is indeed a big day of celebrations in the island country and a national holiday. There are celebrations with fireworks and a National Day Parade is held. While it is indeed a historic day for its citizens, the island city-state is a global hub for education, entertainment, finance, technology, trade and tourism. So on this National Day of Singapore 2019, we take you through the top tourist attractions in this country.

Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay: Set in the heart of the city, it is a green space spread across 101 hectares. Covered by waterfront on its sides, there is a Supertree Grove which will take you to a futuristic place. In here is a flower conservatory dome, outdoor gardens, art sculptures, two other lakes, etc. The exemplary design which keeps in mind the environmental sustainability has also received an award of World Building of the Year in 2012.

Universal Studios: Undoubtedly one of the top places to pay a visit to, the Universal Studios is all-in-one entertainment package. Located in the Sentosa Island, it is perfect to go along with kids. There are fiction-themed areas, the famous Wall of Fame, adrenaline-pushing rides, kid-friendly games all in one amusement destination. There are live shows at night which gives one a glimpse of the Singaporean nightlife.

Singapore Zoo: Cater to your wildlife experiencing desires in the Singapore Zoo. From white tigers, chimpanzee families to komodo dragons, you will have a variety of animals to observe. The zoo has been divided in different habitat zones to cater to the needs of the various animals. It is one of the best places to observe wildlife as it houses more than 300 animal species! Guests can also take an experience of feeding some animals. One can also go on a Night Safari here.

Sentosa Island Resort: If you are craving for the sun, sand and the beach then Sentosa Island is a place to be. One of the renowned tourist attractions in the entire world, one can experience the best of beach life here, and with a bit of luxury! There is an Underwater world aquarium which takes you closer to the marine life. There are also other water sports and adventure activities to enjoy here.

Merlion Park: A trip to Singapore will be incomplete without paying a visit to the mark of the city- The Merlion. A mythical creature with head of a lion and body of a fish, it represents "lion city." It is an ideal spot for tourists to indulge in some photo sessions and represent Singapore. Overlooking the Marina Bay, it gives one of the best views of the city.

Botanic Gardens: Not just the Gardens by the Bay, these is another beautiful Botanic Gardens in Singapore which is recipient of UNESCO World Heritage title. Among the city's concrete jungle appearance, these gardens give a pleasant breather. All the trees in here are protected with great efforts and also has the National Orchid Garden. The older species of trees are conserved, so it is one of the unique sites which will take you in nature despite being in a concrete surrounding.

These are just some of the tourist attractions we have listed down but this island-state has so much more to offer. It has something for everyone, which makes it a perfect destination to head on with your family.