On World Theatre Day 2020, Share These Wonderful Quotes That Describe the Beauty of This Performing Art
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World Theatre Day 2020 is observed on March 27 every year to create awareness about the medium of theatre in our lives. As today we rely more on digital streaming content, the importance of theatre is somewhere lost. The International Theatre Institute (ITI) and the international theatre community proposed to dedicate a day every year to celebrate the importance of theatre. And you may not get to see the theatre immediately but there are some lines that perfectly describe the essence of this art form. On this World Theatre Day 2020, we have got you a few quotes and images which you can send to artists, actors and people of the fraternity and wish them on this World Theatre Day. Christopher Nolan Requests the Audiences to Revive Theatre Business Post-Coronavirus Pandemic, Says ‘It’s Not Only About Stars and Glamour’.

One of the most important aspects of World Theatre Day is the circulation of the World Theatre Day International Message through which at the invitation of ITI, a figure of world stature shares his or her reflections on the theme of Theatre and a Culture of Peace. There are over 90 ITI centers throughout the world. It is a very important day for all professionals, theatre lovers, theatre universities, academies and schools who mark this day. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this year all the activities will be conducted online. We have gathered a few quotes with images on the art of theatre which you can send across if you know theatre artists, actors or just those who love this medium.

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Quote reads: “Movies Will Make You Famous; Television Will Make You Rich; but Theatre Will Make You Good.” – Terrence Mann

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Quote reads: “Theatre Is a Sacred Space for Actors. You Are Responsible; You Are in the Driving-Seat.” - Greta Scacchi

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Quote reads: "Theatre Is a Powerful Art Form, It Teaches Lessons About Life, Society and Emotion and More Importantly Yourself."  – Anastasia Roberts

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Quote reads: “The Theatre Is a Great Equalizer: It Is the Only Place Where the Poor Can Look Down on the Rich.” – Will Rogers

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Quote reads: “Theater Is a Verb Before It Is a Noun, an Act Before It Is a Place.” -Martha Graham

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Quote reads: “I Like the Ephemeral Thing About Theatre, Every Performance Is Like a Ghost – It’s There and Then It’s Gone.” – Maggie Smith

An artist who has worked in theatre or as a viewer who enjoys watching stage plays the above quotes will make a derive a lot of meaning. On this theatre day, share these wonderful lines on the art form and make those who are a part of it, feel proud of it. There is a lot of skill and confidence that exudes when one is on stage and there is certain joy in possessing that skill. LatestLY wishes all its readers, theatre artists, actors, scriptwriters, and everyone associated with the medium a Happy World Theatre day!