Republic Day 2019 Office Bay Decoration Ideas: Quick and Easy Ideas to Make Your Workspace Ready For Celebration With Tricolour, Watch Videos
Republic day office decoration ideas (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

It is almost time for Republic Day 2019. On January 26, India will celebrate its 70th Republic Day. And while some people will only look at it as a national holiday, several organisations bring in the celebrations to evoke the patriotic spirit. Government offices, schools and colleges have a flag-hoisting ceremony followed by speeches and some cultural programmes. Residential colonies also keep some cultural programmes and competitions among the kids. Corporate offices too, have their ways of celebrating the day of national importance. The foremost thing to bring about the celebratory vibe is decorating the workspace. Using the tricolour scheme one can decorate the entire office space in different ways. If you too are looking for some office decoration ideas for Republic Day let us help you out. Republic Day 2019: Try These Indian Nail Art Designs This 26th January That Are Beyond Creative (View Pics).

Balloons: Balloons work the best to fill up empty spaces and also bring in the celebratory mood. You can get tricolour balloons and just stick them in order on each of the desk or your office walls.

Tricolour flowers: Get your crafty side out on the occasion of Republic Day and make small, trendy paper flowers with chart papers. Once you get a hang of making one flower, you can take help of your team members and make bouquets.

Watch Video of How to Make Easy Tricolour Flowers

Decorated bottles: Almost everyone carries a water bottle at work. On the occasion of Republic Day, you can decorate your bottles with tricolour. You can either ask people to paint their bottles and get them, or they can stick the decorative strings in tricolour over the entire bottle. One bottle on each desk, covered or coloured in tricolour will add to the vibe of the place.

Watch Video of How to Decorate Your Bottles For Republic Day

These are some simple ideas that you can incorporate to decorate your office space or your individual desk on Republic Day. If you are really short on time, then just get coloured papers in the colours of our flag and stick them in a collage format on a plain white paper. You can just use it as a backdrop on your desk. We hope the above ideas help you to bring in the celebrations of Republic Day at work in much gusto.