Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti 2021! Every year Vishwakarma Jayanti is celebrated on February 25. Vishwakarma was a great sage and theologian. He is mentioned in the Rigveda. He is said that he built the houses, cities, and weapons of the gods. He was a great craftsman. Maharishi Vishwakarma is said to have crafted the world. He invented many useful items like weapons, weapons, buildings, jewellery, sculptures, food vessels, chariots etc. in the world that made human welfare for the people of ancient times. Being the first Shilpacharya, he was called the Acharya of the Acharyas.

Various forms of Lord Vishwakarma are mentioned in the Puranas - Vishwakarma with two arms, four arms and ten arms. Apart from this, Vishwakarma with one mouth, four faces and five faces.  The Puranas describe the five incarnations of Vishwakarma as Virata Vishwakarma - Creator of the universe, Dharmavanshi Vishwakarma - Great crafts science scholar and Prabhat son, Angiravanshi Vishwakarma - Adi Vigyanita Vasu son, Sudhanva Vishwakarma - The grandson of the great sage Athavi Rishi, the father of science and Bhringwanshi Vishwakarma - the outstanding craftsman (grandson of Shukracharya).

According to Skanda Purana Prabhas, the eighth son of the sage Dharma, was married to Bhuvana Brahmavadini, sister of the god Guru Jupiter. Lord Vishwakarma was born from his womb. It is also clearly mentioned in Mahabharata Adiparva chapter 16 verses 27 and 28. It is mentioned in A.56 of Varaha Purana that for the support of all people, Brahma Parmeshwar thought through wisdom and created Vishwakarma on earth. On this day, you can share Vishwakarma Jayanti 2021 wishes, Vishwakarma Jayanti wishes in Hindi, Vishwakarma Jayanti wishes images, Vishwakarma Jayanti wishes in English, Vishwakarma Jayanti wishes 2021, Vishwakarma Jayanti wishes SMS, Vishwakarma Jayati wishes in Bengali, Vishwakarma Jayanti images HD, Vishwakarma Jayanti images download and Vishwakarma Jayanti images 2021.

Vishwakarma Jayanti 2021 Wishes, Greetings & Quotes (Photo Credits: File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti 2021

Vishwakarma Jayanti 2021 Wishes, Greetings & Quotes (Photo Credits: File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti 2021

Lord Vishwakarma is said to have five sons named Manu, Maya, Tvashta, Shilpi and Daivagna. These five were expert in different forms of architectural craft. Manu had mastery in iron, maya in wood, skin in bronze and copper, an artisan in brick and goddess in gold and silver. Vishwakarma's birth anniversary comes on the day of Kanya Sankranti (around 17 September) while according to Vishwakarma society, his Jayanti falls on the Magh Shukla Paksha's Trayodashi.

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