The auspicious month of Sawan is currently ongoing for those living in the Northern states of India. But in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, the month of Shravan begins from July 21. Before the beginning of this holy month, people in Maharashtra specifically have a celebration called Gatari in which they indulge in non-vegetarian food and special delicacies as they won't be having it for an entire month of Shravan. Gatari Amavasya falls on the No Moon Day in the month of Ashad. This time, Gatari Amavasya will be marked on July 20 (Monday), but it will be widely celebrated on July 19, because it is Wednesday. This is because most people do not eat non-veg food on Mondays. We tell you why. Shravan 2020 Calendar With Sawan Somwar Vrat Dates: Know Start and End Date, Significance of Fasts on Monday During The Auspicious Month Dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Shravan is considered to be an auspicious month for the worship of Lord Shiva. During this entire month, people eat light and vegetarian food and most people observe a fast on every Monday, which is the Shravani Somwar. Monday is believed to be the day to worship Lord Shiva, and in a month that is entirely dedicated to Mahadev, Shravani Somwar are even more auspicious days of the month. So the first Sharavan Somwar for central India will be on July 20, although the month will begin from July 21.

Most people, devoted believers of Lord Shiva, follow Mondays as the day of the deity and do not eat non-veg on this day of the week. It is considered a sin to kill an animal. As per each belief, there are certain days of the week on which one does not eat non-veg food. Now, since Gatari date falls on a Monday, people will not be able to enjoy it as they dedicatedly follow Mondays. And this time, July 20 will be observed as the first Shravan Somwar. So this year, Gatari will be celebrated a day prior, on July 19 Sunday, which is anyway a day on which most people make non-veg food items. On Gatari, there are usually family gatherings with special non-veg course menu, drinks and games. People indulge all day because, for the next whole month, they will eat simpler and vegetarian food.


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