World Mental Health Day 2020: One of the most important things in the current era is to be strong mentally. A lot of people carry grudge, grief, and pain within them, and end up doing a lot of harm to oneself. To address the issues of mental health and raise awareness towards the societal cause, the World Health Organisation (WHO), under the leadership of United Nations (UN), observes the Mental Health Day annually. The day is dedicated to global mental health education. People all over the world gather and observe this international event. There’s a lot learn when it comes to the observance of World Mental Health Day 2020 – its date, significance and more. We at LatestLY shed more light on the global issue of mental health. From Messy Living Conditions to Excessive Work, These Everyday Practices Can Have a Severe Impact on Your Mental Health!

World Mental Health Day 2020 Date and Theme

Every year, the World Mental Health Day is observed on October around the globe. This year, the international event of World Mental Health Day will fall on Saturday. The first World Mental Health Day was celebrated way back in 1992.

Every year, there is a specific theme organised by the WHO. According to the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), the World Mental Health Day theme in 2020 is “Mental Health for All: Greater Investment – Greater Access.” Here’s a look at the list of Mental Health Day themes in the last five years.

  • 2019: Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention
  • 2018: Young people and mental health in a changing world
  • 2017: Mental Health in the workplace
  • 2016: Psychological First Aid
  • 2015: Dignity in Mental Health

World Mental Health Day: History and Significance

As they say, you should not judge anyone without walking in their shoes. Similarly, one should really not judge a person, until they walked a mile in their shoes. The point here is, a lot of people deal with a mid-life crisis on a daily situation – while some deal with it in an amazing manner, while some are bogged down by negative thoughts and energy-consuming them. Are Depression and Anxiety Real Illnesses? Mental Health Queries Answered to Help You Decipher Fact from Fiction!

The celebration of World Mental Health Day brings back all the focus and global attention to this grave concern, which people of this era currently face. Mental issues, trauma, POTSD, social stigma, etc. are some of the common battles which millions of people fight against.

A tirade against Mental Health issues, under the tutelage of the United Nations, has worked tremendously in the past. The WHO and the UN would be aiming to see better their past performances and improve the current scenario domestically. As October 10 nears, we at LatestLY wish you an all very strong mental health, and you can cheerfully sail through in these challenging times.

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