Baker Creates Spooky Murder-Inspired Pie That Looks too Real to Eat! (View Pics & Video)
Spooky muder-inspired pie. (Photo Credits: Photo Credits: guymeetscake/Instagram)

Andrew Fuller is a cake sculptor, horror fan and believer that every day is Halloween. Inspired by serial killer Ed Gein, who was famous for making clothing and furniture out of human skin and bones, Andrew recently created a terrifying pie. Known as the ‘Butcher of Plainfield’, Gein had exhumed bodies from local graveyards and murdered two women for his macabre DIY crafting. Fuller on his Facebook page said that although he is relatively new to the world of cake, his goal is to creep people out. Which is how he ended up making this pie, complete with grotesque and edible hair, blood and stitched pieces of ‘skin’ pastry.

Inspired by the ‘people pot pies’ from horror prop maker It Came From Under My Bed, Fuller decided to make a gory face that was actually edible. He says that this cherry-mint creation was especially difficult because pie ‘isn’t the easiest medium to work with’. “Often times, people just kind of assume you cut out shapes and throw it in the oven, but there are so many things you have to consider.” Factors including figuring out which components will expand in the oven and keeping the pastry from collapsing while it bakes.

Watch Video of the Murder-Inspired Pie

“Baking is a science. Measurements have to be exact,” he said. “It’s all very precise. I’m not exactly a rule follower and clean edges are my nemesis, so pastries and baked goods are a lot more difficult for me than I truly realised.” Despite the precision, Fuller’s artistry thrives when it comes to creating edible horror. “I actually really love doing whimsically spooky things,” he said. He is also collaborating with cake artist Michelle Honeman for a partnership called ‘Sugar Freakshow’ where they’re focusing on ‘creepy, kooky, macabre, gory, scary, weird, hyperrealistic, odd and unique cakes’.

Fuller loves all things horror, so he takes it as a compliment when people are too disgusted to eat his realistic sculptures. “I’m lucky that most people who come to me are coming to me for these types of projects because I do my best work when I love the subject matter,” he said. Fuller assures his potential clients that his creations are actually delicious. He likes to make his fruit pies with herbs and citrus flavours. The Ed Gein pie was made with fresh mint, cherries and a touch of almond.