16 Nurses Pregnant! Intensive Care Attendents Arizona Hospital Are All Preggers At the Same Time
16 nurses of Banner Medical Centre at Arizona are pregnant. (Photo Credits: ashleyadkinsrn)

Not one, not two but 16 nurses working in the intensive care unit of Banner Desert Medical Centre in Mesa, Arizona are all pregnant at the same time! And according to media reports, most of them are due between September 2018 and October 2019. The odds of 16 of the attendants being preggers at the same time are quite slim, but the baby boom at the Arizona hospital has caught the world’s attention. The women at Banner didn’t have a pregnancy pact. Rochelle Sherman, one of the pregnant nurses, said that the nurses didn’t realise they were pregnant until they started a Facebook group. Soon, more and more people kept getting adding into it. How to Get Pregnant? 5 ideal sex positions to conceive faster

At a press conference held by the hospital, authorities announced that Banner Health would employ a batch of nurses who are currently not assigned to the hospital to cover shifts when the nurses begin their maternity leaves. How To Get Pregnant: 7 Things That Will Help You Conceive Faster

The hospital is also bracing up to satisfy the pregnancy cravings of the expectant mothers. The cafeteria is now stocking up on food that they like, and the workers have been making their salads “pregnancy-friendly” by adding more pickles and olives in them. Many of the nurses had planned their pregnancies so that they may get the holidays off. And to honour the ladies, the hospital is giving each of the expectant moms a onesie that reads: “Relax! My mom is a Banner Nurse!”