Most births don't garner much media scrutiny. while we're certain that it was an event marred with great significance for your parents, it probably might have slipped the notice of the world. However, multiple births - pushing out four or more kids in one go (still a curiosity in many a circle) hones in a laser-like focus and interest from across the globe. And pushing out 10 is probably what miracles are made of. Take, for instance, the South African woman who reportedly given birth to 10 babies - also known as decuplets - at once, on 7th June. The woman is touted to have broken the Guinness World Record held by Malian Halima Cisse - who gave birth to nine children - also known as Nonuplets - in Morocco last month.

It was reported the first-ever decuplet birth was recorded in modern history by a 37-year-old Gosiame Thamara Sithole at a hospital in Pretoria. It should be noted multiple births are extremely risky for both the mothers and the babies. Nonuplets are extremely rare and there are often convoluted with medical complications where the babies don't reach a full term. Before the first case of decuplets was recorded for posterity, there was only Nonuplets reigning supreme in the multiple births front. Below are the three known case of nonuplets for your perusal.

  • Nonuplets Sydney 1971

The first recorded set of nonuplets was in Sydney in the year 1971, born to a woman named Geraldine Brodrick and Leonard. The couple had two stillborn and none of the babies survived more than a week. 

  • Nonuplets Malaysia 1999

 Zurina Mat Saad in Malaysia gave birth to nine babies in 1999. She had five boys and four girls named, Adam, Nuh, Idris, Soleh, Hud, Aishah, Khadijah, Fatimah and Umi Kalsom; but none of them survived more than six hours.

  • Nonuplets Morocco 2021

A 25-year-old woman named Halima Cisse from the West African country gave a rare birth to nine babies -- five girls and four boys -- in Morocco in May 2021. All the babies are reportedly healthy. In 2012, there was another case of nonuplets reported by several media organisations. A Mexican woman, Karla Vanessa Perez was pregnant with nine babies and was expected to give birth on May 20th 2012. However, the state of the mother in question and her babies are unknown since there was no reported follow up on the story. 

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