Do C-Section Scars Go Away? Here's How Long It Takes For the Incision to Heal
C-Section (Photo Credits: Needpix)

If you are pregnant, you may not be lining up to give birth via c-section, but there can be a bunch of reasons why you may need one. Your baby could be in breach position or there could be delays in the progression of labour or you could be having a huge baby. Whatever be the reason, simply hearing that you may need one can raise an army of questions. The incision scar may be the first fear popping in your mind. We have answered every question about  c-section scars that could be bothering you.

What Is the Healing Process for C-Section Incisions?

Once your incision is closed, your doctor will put sticky, tape-like strips to keep the wound closed and cleaned. The strips will stay on for two weeks until you visit the doctor again or they may even fall off on their own. Keep the incision area dry and clean during the healing process. You may get a ridge over the scar for a bit but that will fade over time.

What Is The Right Way To Clean a C-Section Incision?

Simply use warm, soapy water to wash the incision and pat-dry after cleaning. Your doctor will likely recommend covering the wound with bandages, so religiously do it. C-Section Babies Suffer From Allergies Since They Are Not Exposed To Vaginal Bacteria While Birth

How Long Does It Take For a C-Section Incision To Heal?

The incision takes three to six months to heal, however, the scar fades to some degree over a few years. Your scar should be less noticeable within three months.

Do C-Section Scars Go Away Completely?

Yes, this is bad news but C-section scars do not completely fade. While the scar will not be prominent, but the incision will leave some sort of an imprint on the skin, which will likely be very thin and unnoticeable. C-Sections Should Be Renamed as 'Belly Births' Say Mothers For This Empowering Reason

Is It Normal For C-Section Scars To Be Itchy and Irritated?

Itching is actually pretty common. The superficial nerves in your skin are cut during the birth which makes the area hypersensitive and itchy. The recovery takes time, so be prepared to experience some discomfort. That said, you may not feel anything over the scar. A numbing sensation is very common a few weeks and months into the healing process.

Is There Any Way To Reduce The Appearance Of The Scar?

Apply a topical vitamin E cream on the scar to help it fade faster. Using silicone tape on the area for three to six months after delivery can help with the cosmetic look of the scar. How to Lose Baby Weight after a C-Section? Healthy Tips That Will Make Losing Pregnancy Weight Easy

Remember that once the baby is delivered, the incisions have to be closed up again. Doctors generally choose between using glue and doing stitches. The scar is only affected by the direction of the skin incision. The vertical skin incisions are more painful when healing and may not be as cosmetically appealing.