‘Fake’ Zoom Condom Gives Husband & Wife STI, Man Sues Beta Healthcare
Man sues Zoom condoms for being fake and giving him STI. (Photo Credits: The African Voice/Twitter & Succo/Pixabay)

A Kenyan man and his wife contracted STI after the condom burst during sex post which she left him. The man has sued Beta Healthcare and Kenya Bureaus of Standards over ‘fake’ Zoom condoms that he alleges burst during intercourse. In his petition, he says that when he bought the condoms, he believed they would please his partner and protect him fully but the condom broke.

“I was fully aware of the dangers of having unprotected sex and decided to use my favourite brand of condoms being the Zoom scented chocolate flavoured studded condoms which I believed would please the woman and protect me fully,” he said as reported in The Star. “Whilst I was having sexual intercourse with the woman the said condom broke, a fact which I only realised after the act. That at the time, I brushed the incident as a non-issue and three days later I still had sexual intercourse with my wife,” he added.

In an affidavit, the man says that in October 2014, he noticed some rashes on his private parts and pain while urinating. He then went to a traditional healer and sought some herbal medicine which eased his pain. On his way to Nairobi, the man became seriously ill and had to seek medical attention. At the clinic he was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection and was treated for the same. Subsequently, his wife informed him that she too had been admitted with an STI and she left him for another man.

According to him, BETA, KeBS and KRA allowed a consignment of Zoom condoms of questionable quality to be sold to Kenyans. The man also fears that he might have been exposed to HIV as well. The man claims that he was later told by his friends that some of them had experienced condom breaks from the same brand of condoms.