From Headache To Nausea, 7 Brain Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore!
Brain tumour (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Brain cancer is a very scary term and you will be surprised to know that the average survival rate for brain cancer is just under 35 percent. So it makes a lot of sense to brush up your brain cancer knowledge. Over time, brain cancer can spread to the surrounding brain cells and seriously affect brain function. And while that's true of all brain tumours, the cancerous ones are more likely to progress quickly throughout the brain. So keep a tab of these symptoms that indicate a brain tumour.

Nasty Headache

This should not surprise you but yes, headache is one of the most common symptoms of brain tumour and it could potentially be a cancerous one. So if you experience severe headaches accompanied by vomiting or nausea, you should seek medical attention immediately. And since nausea also accompanies a migraine, it is never a bad idea to get yourself checked. Is It Migraine or a Simple Headache? How to Tell the Difference.


A brain tumour can lead to electrical signalling problems. While it is possible that you have a seizure disorder if you have been experiencing recurring seizures, it can also indicate that you have a tumour. So get yourself checked immediately. How Does Cancer Spread? From Genesis to Metastasis of the Disease.

Extreme Nausea

You could feel nauseous for a lot of reasons but persistent queasiness without any explanation can be a red flag. Talk to your doctor if you suddenly start experiencing frequent nausea and if you are over 40. Foods That Stop Cancer: Here's a List of 10 Anti-Cancer Vegetables You Should Never Forget to Eat

Vision Problems

Brain tumour symptoms can depend a lot on the location of the tumour. So if you have a tumour behind your eye, you could suffer from vision problems like blurry vision, double vision, and loss of vision. It could also cause floating shapes or spots to appear in your eyes.

Balance and Coordination Problems

Brain cancer can often throw your motor skills and balance out of whack. So if you have trouble eating with a spoon or dressing up or if you experience numbness on one side of the body, it could be related to tumour in a certain location.

Confusion or Brain Fog

Low blood sugar and lack of sleep can make you a little disoriented but if you have trouble remembering the names of your colleagues or finding the right word, you should get your brain scanned immediately. Severe forgetfulness and confusion can be warning signs that the wires are crossed in your brain due to tumour. 7 Factors That Affect Survival Rates in Lung Cancer Patients

Extreme Mood Changes

The frontal lobe of your brain controls your personality so brain tumour can make you a completely different person. A tumour can actually  make you exhibit odd behaviours like a fussy and eccentric disposition.

If you have any of these symptoms that indicate a brain tumor, you should go to your primary care doctor as soon as possible. Depending on your reports, they can guide you to the right specialist.