We all know how damaging cigarettes can be for the lungs. We have had it drummed into our ears from a very young age that smoking cigarette means inhaling 5,000 other chemicals, including tar and nicotine. It has been estimated that one cigarette could take away eleven minutes of your life but turns out that there are other products that you use daily that can be as toxic for your lungs as cigarettes. We give you a low-down of all of them.

1. Household Cleaners

According to a study published in the Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, people who were frequently exposed to household cleaners at home or work showed a more significant decline of lung function with time. Can You Get Lung Cancer From Smoking Weed? Everything You Need To Know About the Effect of Marijuana on Lungs

2. Beauty Products

Another study performed at a university in Norway will make you think twice about using cosmetic products. The chemicals in cosmetic products steadily cause damage to the airways and trigger asthma attacks. Dangers of Cigarette Smoking: From Rat Poison to Car Exhaust Fumes, 7 Lung-Damaging Compounds You Inhale Apart From Tobacco

3. Antibacterial Soaps

Ingredients like the chemical triclosan in antibacterial soaps have some damaging effects on our health. According to studies, the constant damage to the airways might accelerate the rate of age-related lung function decline.

4. Pesticides

Pesticides can be great to keep your garden in top shape, but they are not suitable for your lungs. Use of pesticides has been linked to respiratory diseases like asthma and COPD. Make sure that you wear protective gloves and lungs when working with pesticides.

5. Gas Appliances

When you use a gas heater or a stove, it releases tiny particles into the air which irritate the lungs and lead to subsequent respiratory problems. Limit your use of gas appliances and make sure that the kitchen is well-ventilated. E-Cigarettes Banned in India: What is Vaping? Know the Side Effects of Smoking E-Cigs

If you thought that you could avoid pollution by staying indoors, you were wrong. Your house might be full of pollutants that can affect your health in many ways. The dust lying in the furniture can cause chronic inflammation to your lungs.

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