More and more people are going vegan than ever before and for a good reason. The more fruits, vegetables and legumes you eat, the stronger is your heart, the clearer is your skin and more balanced are your hormones. But many people perceive veganism as expensive. The vegan cheeses and spreads are no doubt costly, but beans, rice and vegetables that are pillars of a healthy diet are pretty cheap. You can then use the seasonings and sauces of your choices to make your meals anything but boring.

Learn How to Cook With Vegetables

You can make a hearty and satisfying meal for your family without really going the meat way. All you need are a few plant-based recipes under your belt. You will find hundreds of recipes online. You can also follow vegan blogs or join vegan recipe groups to make your life easy. Keep an open mind and try recipes you have never tried before. If you have always disliked tofu, it is now time to cook it your way. It will save you bills at a vegan restaurant. Vegan Milk Options: From Coconut to Almond, Here Are 5 Types of Non-Dairy Milk For Lactose Intolerant People And Vegans

Buy Food in Bulk

The bulk food section in supermarkets is almost always cheaper for beans, flours, seeds and grains. That said, if you are trying something for the first time, buy precisely what you need rather than purchasing the entire package that will sit on your shelf in the kitchen. Vegan Protein: From Quinoa to Seitan, Here Are 5 Foods Which Vegans Should Include to Their Diet

Go For Frozen Vegetables

Fresh veggies look beautiful, and the frozen ones seem like the lower-quality option. But according to science, frozen vegetables are just as nutritious as their fresh counterparts. Organic frozen foods are also always almost cheaper. The best part is that they are available all season and you do not have to worry about them rotting. Best of all, frozen vegetables save you time and are perfect for whipping up a quick stir-fry.

Visit Farmer's Market

You will find some of the freshest and the cheapest produce in the farmer's market. Think chillies, mushrooms and herbs. If you live near a farmer's market, you will be rewarded with the freshest produce you have ever tasted. Does Vegan Diet Lower Testosterone; 5 Plant-Based Foods to Be Eaten by Men for High Androgen Level

Grow Veggies and Herbs in Your Garden

It does not matter how little space you have, and you can still grow a variety of produce in your garden balcony. Herbs and salad greens are super easy to grow in pots, and you need no special equipment other than a jar. Try your hands with peppers and tomatoes if you have a backyard. They will be the most delicious that you have ever tasted.

The local Indian markets will blow your mind with the variety of spices they offer. In fact, you will find all the items at better prices than supermarkets.

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