We all know how much milk is essential for our overall development. It is a power-house of calcium and various minerals. Skipping milk from our daily diet can lead to nutritional deficiency and may cause health-related issues. However, there are many who are lactose intolerant, due to which they cannot drink regular milk. Also, there are few individuals who are converting into vegan, a diet which does not allow the intake of any dairy products. Let's take a look at five types of non-dairy milk from coconut to almond. Does Drinking Milk Everyday Cause Weight Gain? All That You Should Know About The Calcium Rich Fluid.

Plant-based alternatives are available for dairy milk, which can almost fulfil all the essential nutrient requirement. There are a few who refrain from drinking cow's milk as they do not like the taste, while whole milk is high on calories and restricted in many diet plan. Milk is necessary for the body for the development of strong bones and teeth. Regular intake of milk since childhood results in the development of strong muscle. Now many must be wondering, whether non-dairy milk will provide these benefits or not. Let's explore options.  National Milk Day 2019: Should You Drink Milk On An Empty Stomach? All Your Queries about the Best Time to Consume Dairy Answered.

Types of Non-Dairy Milk 

1. Coconut Milk 

Coconut milk is rich in vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals and it is also good for the skin. It contains medium-chain triglycerides known for improving metabolism and reducing craving. This can lead to less intake of overall calories at the end of the day, which thereby, helps in weight loss. Coconut milk comes along with lauric acid, which has antimicrobial properties that can prevent bacterial growth.

2. Soy Milk 

Soy Milk is the closest substitute for cow milk in terms of nutritional value. It is high in protein and also helps in providing the body with essential amino acids. Soy milk is, however, also considered as the most controversial product due to the presence of isoflavones in a large amount, which can increase the estrogen level in males and affect hormones. However, drinking it in moderation does not cause any harm and also, there is no such evidence to prove that soy milk will cause hormonal imbalance in the body. National Milk Day 2019: Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk- Which one is Better?

3. Almond Milk 

Almond milk is good for the people who are on a low-calorie diet. Compared to regular cow milk, almond milk contains less than half the fat. It is also a natural source of vitamin E, a group of antioxidants that help protect the body from disease-causing substances known as free radicals.

4. Oat Milk 

Oat Milk is made from a mixture of oats and water, and is naturally sweet and mild in flavour. The best part of this non-dairy milk is that it is high in total fibre and beta-glucan, a type of soluble fibre that forms a thick gel as it passes through the gut. Beta-glucan gel binds to cholesterol, reducing the absorption in the body.  This helps in lowering the LDL cholesterol. Oat Milk Is The New Health Trend of 2020! Here's What Makes It the Best Vegan Substitute for Cow’s Milk.

5. Hemp Milk 

This plant-based milk is the best option for vegans as one glass of hemp milk provides two to three grams of high-quality protein with all essential amino acids. It also contains a significantly less amount of carbohydrates. Also, hemp milk is also an important source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are good for the health of the heart.

There are various options available as dairy-milk alternatives, however, what suits you best should be added to your diet.  Be it dairy milk or non-dairy milk, both contain calories and should be taken in moderation. Avoid adding artificial sweetener or refined sugar while drinking milk as it hampers weight loss goal.

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