Weight loss requires a holistic approach towards it. A perfect balance of a healthy diet, regular exercise, good mental health and a positive approach helps you lose weight the right way and keep it away permanently. It is a complete lifestyle modification that leads to a healthy weight loss.  However, in this day and age, a stressful, sedentary lifestyle with loads of junk food are the major elements in most people's life which is leading to obesity.

Today obesity-related diseases have increased by 50 percent and has made its place in the top three non-communicable, killer diseases. Along with a good diet and regular exercises, here are a few lifestyle modifications you must make to lose weight and keep it away for good:

  1. Healthy, Wholesome Breakfast

    Eating a healthy breakfast every morning helps people losing weight, unlike the popular notion that you may cut down on calories if you skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast, in fact, indirectly makes you eat more food throughout the day. Studies have proven that people who have proper breakfast every day have lower BMIs compare to people who don't have breakfast. Also having a good breakfast helps you perform better in whatever task you do. Try having a bowl full of whole-grain cereal along with some fruit like any berries and low-fat dairy milk for a nutritious start to your day.

  2. Say NO to Midnight Snacking!

    It is very essential that you fix your eating time. Close your kitchen at night. Midnight snacking only helps you gain more calories that are really hard to burn. And if in case you feel hungry, sip on some tea or have something rich in protein or healthy fats. Also, make sure you brushing your teeth after dinner as it makes you less likely to eat or drink anything after that.

  3. Beware of Liquid Calories!

    Drinks that are sweetened have a lot of calories is probably the easiest way of gaining weight. Moreover, it doesn't even make you feel full, unlike solid food plus paves way for more calories. If you want something to drink you can instead satisfy yourself with liquids like skim or low-fat milk, small portions of fresh homemade fruit juices. Having a glass full of vegetable juices also helps to control hunger. You also need to take a proper check on your alcohol calories which increases in a short time. Having alcohol once in every two months proves to be a huge calorie saver.

  4. Go Green!

    Yes having a lot of vegetables and low calorie, high volume fruits stop you from eating other food which is high in fats and calories. You need to start eating lunch and dinner which comprises a vegetable bowl or salad. You can also go for broth-based soups which can also help you yo a great extent. Having a lot of fruits and veggies makes the diet enriched with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and much more.

  5. Grains are a must.

    Choosing whole wheat bread, brown rice, bran flakes, popcorn, instead of white bread, cakes, cookies, refined grains helps your body to stop intake of additional fibre and also helps to cut down the portion you eat.

  6. Make Your Surrounding Healthier

    The most straightforward way to cut down the calories is to control the things which we stock in our kitchen, i.e. eliminating all the unhealthy stuff and substituting it with healthy ones. Choosing healthy restaurants instead of those where you get only calories. When it comes to party or functions, always remember yo have a healthy snack before so you won't be that hungry and will be selective while choosing your food.

  7. Portion is the key.

    Reducing your portion by 10-20% can do wonders for your weight. Generally, the portions which are served in hotels and at home have more quantity than what is needed by our body. You can get instant portion control by using small bowls, plates, and cups for your daily usage.

  8. Veggies first!

    As they are low in calories, you are only going to get benefits from it. Having your vegetables first before a meal gives a satiated feeling and prevents you from overeating your meal. As you will eat less as you feel full, you will be consuming fewer calories helping you losing your weight sooner.

  9. Say No Processed Foods!

    As the name suggests, processed foods are packed with all the ingredients that are not at all recommended for your body if you are willing to lose weight or remain healthy. They are very high in fats and also contain a lot of calories. The only solution to this is entirely avoiding this kind of foods and going for food which is minimally processed or is not processed at all.

    Processed food, needless to say, is very convenient, tasty and quick that is why many of the people mostly prefer it, but if you are looking to lose weight, this food will harm your mission by realising all the carbohydrates in your body which also will release a lot of calories resulting in no weight loss.

  10. Protein is a must

    Consuming a low-fat protein in your every meal and snacks helps you keep you full for a long time this helps you control your portion as well. You should have frequent but small meals every 3-4 hours which should contain proteins in the form of peanuts, nuts, eggs, butter, beans, yoghurt or lean meat.

However, you must realise these are just a few lifestyle changes. For a complete, healthy and permanent weight loss you must modify your diet to healthy low-carb, high-protein, balanced diet and exercise regularly. You must also include yoga into your diet.

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