Midwife-assisted deliveries have been gaining popularity all over the world these days. A small but increasing percentage of women have been ditching obstetricians and turning to midwives for primary pregnancy care. Most of them are looking for a holistic birthing experience and are disillusioned by doctors who push for unnecessary C-sections. Women have been feeling the need to enjoy the process of birthing outside maternity wards, often in the comfort of their own homes. That’s where the midwives step in. These healthcare professions, also known in India as dhais, are professionals who take care of women during their pregnancy, labour and postpartum duration. Modern midwifery also trains professionals to prevent health problems during pregnancy, detect abnormalities and seek medical attention when needed. This May 5, the world observes International Day of the Midwife 2019 to remember their contributions and to encourage midwifery, which promises many benefits to the mother and child.

1 Treat Childbirth As a Natural Process

Midwifery focuses on making childbirth a healthy, natural process and not a medical emergency. By using a holistic approach, midwives try to improve the pregnancy outcomes in women. International Day of the Midwife: 4 Reasons Why India Needs More Midwives.

2 Positive Pregnancy Outcomes!

Studies show that pregnancies mediated by a midwife have positive outcomes. Since they provide constant support to the pregnant woman, using a dhai or a midwife has been proven to increase pregnancy outcomes. According to WHO, they have been shown to improve birth experiences, lower chances of premature births and reduce dependence on epidurals.

3 Improved Pain Resistance

When there’s constant support from a midwife, pregnant women’s bodies have been shown to receive a boost of painkilling and feel-good endorphins, which provide comfort to the mother.

4 More Affordable

Despite what doctors say, birthing a child through a certified midwife in India is safe. Not only that, pregnancy procedures through the midwife are much cheaper.

Reasons for encouraging midwifery are justified, considering how many women are now wanting a more back-to-nature type of birthing experience. As modern obstetrics obliterated midwifery in India, slowly and stealthily, it has been opted by many women who want to enjoy their journey into motherhood.

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