Itchy Nipples? 5 Reasons Why Your Breasts Are Irritated - Causes and Treatments
Itchy nipples reasons and treatments (Photo Credits: Thenounproject)

We all know the struggle of having an itchy nipple in public. Trying to help ourselves with our elbows hardly ever works. While it is embarrassing to treat an itchy nipple in society, it is more difficult to ignore the urge. So, why do we have itchy nipples? Within a minute, Google shows about 7,00,00,000 results on the subject. This gives us an idea of how many people look for the answer to this query. Here are some reasons why your breasts are irritated. How to Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery: 4 Simple Things That Make Your Boobs Look Fuller and Perkier.

Itchy nipples are hardly anything serious. Just like any other body part, the reasons for itchy nipples are pretty basic and ordinary. And most of all, the majority of the reasons are harmless. Here are five reasons why your nipples are so itchy. Sex Query of the Week: Can One Breast Be Bigger Than the Other? Breast Changes to Look Out For.

Harsh Soaps

Your nipples are a sensitive part and should be treated with care. Any harsh soap with harmful chemicals can tingle your nipples. If you notice this happening since you changed your soap or body wash, try switching back to a gentler one. It could be just a matter of chemicals and ingredients not agreeing with your body.


If you suffer from or have suffered from eczema in the past, this could be the reason. Eczema forms a crusty rash on and around the nipple. Consult a dermatologist for it and treat it. This can cause dryness and uneasiness, so it’s recommended to get it checked as soon as possible.

Wrong Lingerie

Your nipples might react to the fabric or chemical dyes used in your bra. This can cause redness and itching on the breasts where the material comes in contact with the skin. This one is a tough one to spot. If this has happened since you started wearing some new bra, try going back to your old ones for a while and check.


This one is no brainer. Dry skin is itchy, and the same thing happens to our nipples. While we use moisturisers on the rest of the body but forget our breasts. If dryness is the cause, your nipples will look chafed. Switch to lukewarm water for showers instead of hot water.


Pregnancy comes with a lot of things and itchy nipples is one of them. Prickling nipples is one of the first few symptoms of pregnancy. Cocoa butter, coconut oil or natural moisturising agents can help ease the pain.

Itchy nipples are nothing to be worried about. Try the remedies and if you’re still concerned about it or it gets excessive, visit a doctor and give them all the details about what’s going on.