National Suicide Prevention Week 2018: Psychiatrist Lists 9 Things You Should Never Tell A Suicidal Person
National Suicide Prevention Week 2018: Psychiatrist Lists 9 Things You Should Never Tell A Suicidal Person (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Suicide prevention week is observed from the 9th of Sep to the 15th of Sep every year. With the increasing number of suicides in our country, it has become essential to do more than merely dedicating a week to suicide prevention. A study done in the year 2015 says 'India is labelled as 'Suicide Capital of South-East Asia' as it has recorded the highest number of suicides in South-East Asia in 2012, according to a WHO report.' The overall rate of suicide committed by the farmers, students, armed forces and family suicides like the recent 'Burari' case in India has only increased in the past few years. One of the recent examples is the case of Curl Shaming, wherein a Bengaluru Girl Commits Suicide After Being Teased for 'Incomplete Hair Straightening Treatment' also a Burari-like Incident Repeated in Maharashtra, 5 of Family Allegedly Attempt Suicide.

However, what are the reasons behind the increasing numbers of suicides in India? If cause like substance abuse is kept aside for a while, most causes like family issues, sexuality, student pressure, peer pressure and all the umpteen causes have a single solution that can help the people who are suicidal. And that is how the environment and society treat such people. Yes! We have a significant role to play in this case. Conversation and communication can help a suicidal person change his/ decision. Like Dr Era Dutta, M.D Psychiatry, DNB Psych, MBBS says, 'You can be a huge part in preventing suicide. Talk about it. Spread facts. Bring up the topic with someone who you think may be contemplating it, and trust me it won’t drive them closer to committing suicide. In fact, it would give them a window of opportunity to talk.'

If you are someone who knows a person who is suicidal, you must keep in mind that you can actually help the person and convince him or her to not commit suicide. Here are 13 Subtle Signs of Suicidal Behaviour According to a Psychiatrist That We Miss Out On Having said that, we the people around the person who is suicidal can also fuel the person's suicidal thought, YES! Sometimes it is us who makes it difficult for the person to deal with the suicidal thoughts sometimes merely by our words. Here are a few things recommended by leading Psychiatrist Dr Era Dutta that one shouldn't say to a suicidal person.

Things Not To Say To a Suicidal Individual

1. 'Oh it’s not such a big deal.'

2. 'I’ve faced worse than you.'

3. 'Learn from *insert person's name*, they had a worse situation.'

4. 'Cheer up. Suicide is for the weak.'

5. 'I’m sure you are exaggerating.'

6. 'Suicide is a sin don’t be a sinner.'

7. 'You are so selfish; you don’t even think of your family and loved ones.'

8. 'You dying won’t make a difference to me or anyone.'

9. 'You are just acting for attention.'

Dr Era also urges people to promote projects like the butterfly project, the semicolon project and other similar projects that help the suicidal people. She also wants to push a message that says, 'If you are thinking of attempting suicide, remember, there is always help around the corner. Just pick up that phone, and call someone. You can even call us.' Did you know these Facts About Suicide Cases in India Highlight The Importance of Promoting Mental Health Awareness?

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