Weight Training for Women: 5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights for Well-Toned Body (Watch Video)
Women Doing Squat (Photo Credits: Pexels)

Whenever we speak of weight training, most of us associate it with the male bodybuilders. However, that's not the case as weight training exercises are equally important for women. Many females stay away from lifting weights fearing that they may develop a masculine body. In reality, if a woman does weight training, she can achieve a well-toned body with strong lean muscles. Let's take a look at five reasons to justify why weight training is necessary for women. Pregnancy Workout: Safe Exercise and Fitness Tips For Pregnant Women.

It is important to note that females do not possess much testosterone compared to men, therefore, they won't develop a huge size like men. Also, the estrogen level in women is so high that it does not allow them to become over muscular, but weight training can tone up the body, increase endurance and strength. Women should include exercises like back squats, glute bridges with weight, stiff leg deadlift for the hamstring to get the right curves as well a healthy waist. 10 Benefits of Strength Training: Overview of Muscle Development Techniques.

5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

1. Helps in Quick Fat Loss

Weight training helps in the development of muscles which in turn reduces fat. The more muscle in the body, the lesser will be the fat percentage. It also enhances the body metabolic rate of women, which helps in the quick absorption of nutrients.

2. Weight Training Increases Bone Density 

As women get older, they face the problem of osteoporosis where they gradually start losing bone density with increase in age. Lifting weights slows down the bone deterioration and can help in making bones stronger.

3. Relieves Stress & Boosts Confidence Level

Weight training requires focus and concentration, or else it can lead to injuries. Exercise is all about mind and muscle connection. While lifting weights, the adrenaline rush in the body increases, which gives you a good pumped-up feeling. This diverts the mind from other worries, sorrows and depression. Achieving a fit and well-toned body can also boost the confidence level.

4. Weight Training Helps in Achieving Those Desired Curves 

Women who desire a curvy body should definitely lift weights. For getting those curves, it is necessary to train glutes, inner thighs, outer thighs and hamstrings.

Exercises For Women to Get a Curvy Body

5. Weight Training Improves Sleep Quality 

After spending hours in the gym, your body needs rest for recovery. The muscles get repaired when the body is given rest after an intense workout. Women who face the problem of sleeping, should definitely choose weight training for quality sleep and a fresh mind.

The form and technique while performing compound movements like squats and deadlift need good supervision. Make sure that the training is done under the supervision of a certified fitness trainer. Also note, that diet plays an important role in weight training, and ensure that a proper pre-workout meal is eaten one hour prior to workout. Post-workout should include protein for lean mass development, and this should mainly consist of whey, soy protein or egg whites.