World Kidney Day 2019: Can Too Much Protein Damage Your Kidneys?
Excessive intake of protein can damage your kidneys (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Today, March 14 is observed as World Kidney Day throughout the world. This day aims to raise awareness of the high and increasing burden of kidney diseases amongst people. There are around 850 million people from around the world are estimated to have kidney diseases from various causes. At least 2.4 million people die every year due to chronic kidney diseases(CKD). While your eating habits and lifestyle play a crucial role in kidney health, you will be surprised to know that excessive intake of healthy nutrients like protein can also damage your kidneys. World Kidney Day 2019: Theme, Significance, History of the Day Dedicated to the Well-being of the Vital Organ.

Proteins are healthy for your body; they are the muscle building blocks. These nutrients repair your muscular tissues after its breakdown. However, people often make the mistake of taking too much protein after following fad diets for weight loss. There is always a straightforward rule related to diet; anything taken in excess can be harmful. Even if you are into eating right, the ideal requirement of protein for your body is only 1 gm per pound of your body weight.

Delhi based nutritionist Monisha Ashokan told NDTV that, " If protein is taken in excess quantities, it creates excess protein metabolites, which increases the burden of the kidney to filter these waste." Furthermore, if the kidney is not healthy enough to flush out these excessive proteins, it settles down in our blood and can cause anorexia, weakness and nausea. How to Improve Kidney Function; Health Tips to Keep in Mind.

Nowadays many people tend to adopt a high-protein Atkin diet. This form of eating habit involves very less intake of carbs and excessive consumption of rich protein. Now some of the protein-based food like red meats not only come with high saturated fat but can also increase the amount of uric acid in your body. The general principle for basic diet is to keep your macronutrients-carb, protein and fat in the ratio of 2:1:1.

It is recommended to consult your doctor before going for a high protein diet. Also if you are the one suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or any other chronic disease, it is better to take proper consultation and guidance from a certified dietitian. It is vital to have a healthy pair of kidneys, as they help eliminate the toxic waste from our body, balance body fluids and aids in the functioning of our body.