Dr. Alexander Rovt likes his freedom and he hates anyone telling him what to do. He does what he feels is right to grow as one of the leading billionaires in the world. His billion-dollar strong net worth is a result of out-of-the-box thinking and belief in investing his hard-earned money into assets like housing and real estate. This maverick tycoon uses unconventional methods to get results in business and, instead of investing in stocks or bonds, he prefers to build his vast portfolio with solid investments like purchasing hotel properties across the world. His rise to the top is as inspiring as it is mesmerizing.

His website is proof that he doesn’t follow the routine when it comes to doing business. If you ask Alexander how he reached the top of the food chain, he would tell you this, “I am very conservative as a businessman. I won’t pursue risky ventures. I personally study everything before I put my money into it. Also, you need to keep in mind that one cannot be successful in every project, but following this strategy means you can hope for overall success in your business.”

Alexander eventually landed in America in 1985 with his wife Olga, to create a new life for himself. He started in a humble fashion, working at his uncle’s kosher deli in New York City. To supplement the meager income, he also sold jewelry on the side. He struck gold when he began to work for IBE Trade Corporation, which trades in natural resources, especially in the emerging markets of the world. Dr. Rovt made good use of his old connections within the Eastern bloc to gain a brilliant understanding of the fertilizer industry. He eventually helped IBE expand its presence in the Soviet Union, bartering goods for fertilizer.

After working hard for many years, Alexander ended up buying the firm IBE and shifted to manufacturing nitrogen-based fertilizers, used for industrial farming. The corporation ended up controlling up to 70% of Russian & Ukrainian Ammonia trade. It repeated its performance in Ukraine by the year 2000. With the fertilizer plants becoming a lucrative investment during the 2000s, the astute investor purchased several such plants and watched his wealth increase. He is the all cash buyer of 14 Wall Street and has a spot on the Forbes Billionaire list. Nevertheless, his most important identity today remains that of being a generous philanthropist.

Among his most recent & notable philanthropic work is partially funding a cardiology department at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. 25 years ago Rovt endowed the Zvi Dov Roth Academy, after his grandfather who was killed during the Holocaust. This school is for Orthodox Jewish immigrants.

Even after becoming a billionaire and working in various sectors, serving on board of several entities, Dr. Rovt still takes out time to spend with his family and friends because he values time with them more than just earning dollars.

Dr. Alexander Rovt is a businessman with a unique approach that doesn’t conform to the typical routine. It is this attitude that puts him a cut above others!