Marcia is a leadership and EQ consultant, executive & women’s coach, author, speaker and conscious mother of two who believes that the only way to achieve holistic success is through building emotional competencies.

Her company Miatke Consulting, specializes in workshops on team dynamics & performance, emotional intelligence and leadership development as well as one-one-one executive, leadership and women’s coaching.

Coaching high achievers, Marcia learned that while many were going from one professional accolade to the next, they were struggling in their relationships, mental health or other areas in their personal lives. Committed to supporting her clients in achieving overarching success, Marcia deep dove into emotional healing. Infusing healing techniques with EQ and personal leadership strategies she developed a proven system to create a successful life.

Her response, when asked why she believes healing is foundational to success?

“There is a childlike, often hidden part of everyone's personality, that psychologists refer to as the ‘inner child’. Whether we like it or not, this childlike aspect is in control, and if neglected, can wreak havoc in the areas of our lives we most need to heal. Sure, I can give you strategy, but unless your inner child is a part of it, your success will be limited.”

Marcia’s client results include promotions, million dollar contracts, soulmate love and more.