Salvatore D’Amelio is a 37-year-old Italian entrepreneur who in 10 years of activity has 3 international brands: MINIMAL, MAKE MONEY NOT FRIENDS, THE FUTURE and a successful sneakers store DROP LIST.

Uniqueness within the industry

What makes Salvatore so unique within the industry is that he strictly makes clothes that he loves to wear, taking his brands to another personal level. His brands are the mirror of what he loves, he does this job with love and passion, not for the money. This is D’Amelio’s strength, it allows people to believe in him and that helps bring him courage.

Business helping others 

D’Amelio’s business helps others because he supports the young talents with whom he collaborates with. He also makes sure that the Italian economy moves. He’s never only looking out for himself, he never fails to find a way to help others along his journey whenever he is able to.

Company’s focus  

Salvatore’s company has their primary focus on streetwear clothing, as well as iconic pieces of streetwear clothing. Their clothing stands out and looks very appealing to the eye, the style they focus on is very popular and they know how to run a good market. Making clothing they know will gain attraction, but still made with love and from the personal style of D’Amelio.

Making a name in the industry

Salvatore was able to make a name for himself in the industry by working hard, and working hard was also much needed in order to pursue his dream. Day and night he led his team, without stopping or hesitating. After about 4 years of the start of his brand MINIMAL, it exploded and everyone he met on the street was wearing a look from his brand. D’Amelio then adds on how one of the greatest satisfactions you can experience is seeing people wear your brand, something he got to experience often.