As millions of Americans enjoyed a record breaking 4th of July weekend, a handful of new power players showcased their reach and claimed the spotlight both online, and offline.

Case in point: Timeless vodka, an independent craft spirit that has gained market share at an unprecedented rate since its official launch less than six months ago; For Amber Ferrell-Steele and her husband, business partner and former sports star Bruce Steele the vision has always been clear.

The accomplished power couple set out to create a truly unique product, one that breaks down the main components of what the modern day American consumer expects from a craft beverage – and while the painstakingly complex manufacturing process behind every single bottle of Timeless vodka might seem out of reach for the casual consumer, the chief executives and creative thought leaders behind the brand believe in offering a superior quality drinking experience, and one that can be customized by the consumer.

By pairing Timeless with the acclaimed ´My Drink Bomb´ imprint, Amber and Bruce expect to dramatically increase the foothold of what has already proven to be a winning brand by all standards, and more importantly a consumer backed product that has earned several distinctions since its inception.

For passionate entrepreneurs like the Steele´s there doesn´t seem to be a bigger motivation than raising the bar when it comes to what the average consumer expects from a premium independent brand with a strong lifestyle focus and an unstoppable drive to reach drinking perfection.

Timeless Vodka

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