How to Make Face Masks at Home Easy? Simple DIY Method to Make Cost-Effective Masks During Coronavirus Pandemic (Watch Tutorial Video)
How To make facemasks at home amid coronavirus outbreak (Photo Credits: Instagarm)

Coronavirus pandemic has made people stay safe at their homes when practising social distancing and self-quarantine.  All of us have been asked to take the utmost care during the pandemic and do everything in our capabilities to slow down the global outbreak. The scare of COVID-19 has caused a scarcity in products to maintain hygiene like hand sanitisers, toilet papers and other similar toiletries. However, the sale of masks has shot up threefold. People online are looking for "how to make face masks at home easy". If you do not get masks in the market you can easily make masks at home. Although they cannot be replaced by medical-grade masks, you can at least use this in times of crisis.  Coronavirus Outbreak: Govt Bans Export of Ventilators, Surgical Masks and Textile Raw Material. 

Most people believe that they can protect themselves from the coronavirus by wearing masks. While that may not be entirely true, it is important to take precautions to not spread the disease further if you have it. As we write this the number of coronavirus cases has reached 472,529. The total number of deaths around the world crossed 20k last night and has reached 21,305. About 114,740 people have recovered from the virus.

But the problem lies in the fact that due to high demand, people are obsessively buying masks and some of the sellers are selling it at a high price. However, if you are not able to find face masks in the market you can also make it at home. While it will not be as effective as the medical-grade face masks, it can still help. Check out this video from Instagram, that shows a kid making a mask at home in an easy DIY video:


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However, you must remember that you need not necessarily wear a mask, because it doesn't exactly protect you from the virus. However, it will protect others if you carry the virus or are suffering from major cold or flu. You must also wear masks, if you are serving people in having coronavirus. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued guidelines on the use of masks by the public. Check out:

However, since opportunist marketing of high-priced face masks and hand sanitizers were on a rise due to growing demand because of coronavirus pandemic, Amazon started adding more restrictions on sellers of these goods. Also, recently when many pharmacies were charging exorbitant prices for the face masks and hand sanitisers in the backdrop of high demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, a surgical shop owner selling masks just for Rs 2 won hearts.