A flight of stairs leads to a spacious studio whose interiors are a luxurious spin off of an industrial workspace. Muted tones of beige and pink walls, offset mannequins dressed in luxury festive wear is how her studio looks. Deepthi Ganesh’s studio stands out with a workshop attached to the store.
The capacious store overlooks an equally large workshop (total area 3000sqft) where the kaarigars are at work. “Clients who see the craftsmen at work will understand the man-hours that go into making these garments. When you know the story behind a creation, you value it more. This set-up also allows me to work with the team closely and make changes to the garments,” Deepthi says.
With a flair for fashion, Deepthi did her Masters in Electronics and later moved to London to pursue a career in field that revolved around fancy fabrics. “After studying fashion there, I started my own studio in Hyderabad,” says Deepthi. Observing the trends these days, she is of the opinion that men are also eager to experiment and not shying away from colours previously thought to be more feminine.
“Not everyone can carry off the cuts. I still design garments that are edgy but the outlook is different. I can be in my dream of designing a certain way but I am a designer only if I know how to tweak the design to suit more people,” she says. Her own style statement is a reflection of this change. She’s sporting designer wear studded with metallic beads, accentuating the feminine touch.
Deepthi believes in creating new trends through fusion, a modern touch without omitting the essence of tradition, a traditional yet elegant drape for the modern brides. Making every bride's dream wedding collection is her goal. She has a lot of pastel shades for the love of pastels as well as sober embroidery works. “These days, brides are mostly going for lehengas, over sarees. Brides are going for gowns at the time of mehendi," she adds.