International Day of The Girl Child 2018: How Twitterati Celebrated The Day Dedicated to Girls Through Tweets
International Day of the Girl Child (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

It's the International Day of Girl Child and everybody has found a reason to cherish what makes a girl child so special. While many of us have been promoting ways in which the world can be made healthier and better for a girl child to thrive, many have opted for other means to get to the same conclusion. Although the Day of Girl Child didn't see a lot of momentum in the past, this year is different. Many individuals are taking a step up to bring about a change and support the cause of making the environment better for a girl child. Be it harassments, inequality, lack of freedom and liberty, sexual assaults, lack of educational facilities and more, a girl child has been subjected to tremendous unfair practices. International Day of The Girl Child 2018: Inspiring Quotes About Girlhood To Begin Your Day With.

Plan Australia, an NGO that voices the concerns faced by a girl child across the globe, has shared a video of concerns of sexual harassment that girls have faced which needs to be changed. They tweeted the same, "LAUNCH: Today is International #DayoftheGirl and girls across the globe have told us loud and clear that harassment in cities is universal. In our new report Unsafe in the City we're asking decision makers to act so all girls are safe and included: *attached video which you can find below*" On the Day of the Girl Child, Women Share Real Stories of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination They Faced As Girls.

UNICEF also hosted a campaign which allowed them to take 10 girls onboard to work as their staff. They tweeted the same with pictures, "In the lead up to #DayOfTheGirl, @UNICEF_Liberia hosted ten girls who got the chance to work with UNICEF staff as part of the 'take a girl child to work campaign.’ The goal? To help every girl thrive and chase their dreams!"

Apart from big organisations taking a step to make lives better for a girl child, Twitterati has also reacted to DayoftheGirl and stated what change they would like to see or the changes that they are involved in. Check them out below.

How do you plan to bring a positive change in a girl's life today? Is there any comment you would like to share that would further emphasise on the idea of making the world better for a girl child? Tell us in the comments box below.