As the entertainment scene begins to expand its reach and welcome new talents, as an audience, we are always on the lookout to witness extraordinary personalities, actors on the verge of next-level stardom. One such name that comes right off the mind is Jeremy Rudd, an American actor, and model who gained attention with his performance in  Showtime's hit TV show City On a Hill. Rudd, although new to this industry has definitely left his mark with his initial performances that have left the audience wanting for more. 

Born and brought up in Seattle, Washington, Rudd like any other inspired artist, harbored dreams of making it out as an artist, but who knew his dream would turn to reality in such a short period of time. Rudd started his career in his early 20’s, landing a position in the  Microsoft commercial as his debut. Having had a spectacular start, Rudd soon after that managed to secure a position for the big screen. He was selected to star in The Cabin House, a horror film, released in 2019. And after that, Rudd has been unstoppable, spearheading his way into the industry, securing multiple acting jobs both for the advertisement sector as well as the films. 

Soon Rudd was offered a role in Showtime's hit TV show City On a Hill,  an American crime drama series created by Charlie MacLean, based on an original idea by Ben Affleck and MacLean. To have secured a sturdy position in such a significant work of art clearly suggests the effect Rudd must’ve had on the industry giants, impressing them to hire him. 

Such fame within a year is suggestive of Rudd's exemplary talent and his zest to take over the entertainment industry and ultimately emerging as a rising Hollywood actor. Whatever may be the circumstances, it is clear, for sure, Rudd will be there, taking the charge, and making it out to the big leagues, leaving his mark on Hollywood for the next generation to see.