When you think about a Mens’s fashion influencer the image that comes forward is of a dashing tall sauve man with a great sense of Fashion. Puneet Tyagi exactly fits into that image. The Indian fashion influencer and blogger from capital city Delhi is every bit of fashionista. Puneet Tyagi has a great presence and huge fan base on Instagram and also a great fashion blog with thousands of followers. Recently we spoke to him about his profession, passion and more:

Puneet you were studying to become a lawyer then how did you turn into fashion Influencer? Well , Till schooling very few of us figure out what we aspire, but when I joined graduation I found myself inclined towards modelling and acting, I was always busy knowing more about men's fashion and modelling, Then I started doing ramp shows and print modelling etc. So fashion was always my calling. I did ramp shows and TVC for many popular men's fashion and grooming brands. Eventually it brought on lots of knowledge and sense about fashion so I thought why not share it with other, that’s how I turned into fashion influencer.

And what is the most common misconception people have about fashion influencers Well most of the time people think it is quite an easy job just to dress shoot and advice, but it’s just opposite, lots of hard work goes behind and you have to have in-depth knowledge and moreover it’s much more hardwork than a regular 8 to 8 job.

So what is a regular day of a fashion influencer?

Well for me it’s like wakeup early at 5.30 plan for the day and content, respond to emails, post the content hit the gym at around 7 because fitness is essential not only to look perfect but to be on toes all the time and then there are shoots, meeting , pitch brand, send invoices and then find a coffee shop or restaurant respond to people on Instagram, then there are commercials and as I am a model too so there are are shoots till 7.30 .Then there are informal meetings and networking, So there is lots of work chaos and fun.

And what do you think secret behind being a successful influencer?

Being fun fresh and original, No one can fail to love your content if you come across with a genuine and great looking content plus skill of convincing when people tend to disagree, and that is only possible if your work and content is authentic. But this is just beginning of my work my aim is to be listed in top 10 men’s fashion influencers in 202