We all enjoy different kinds of sports. Whether it's indoor or outdoor sports, the options are too many. From Cricket to Basketball to Football, every part of the world has people loving them. Let's talk about Football here. It is said that Football fans are craziest among all and for a reason. Just like any movie celeb, the players of this game have a massive fan following. One such young and talented Footballer is Rajan Singh Purewal. When it comes to domestic football scenario in our country, he's one of the brightest and popular people out there.

Rajan Singh Purewal was born and bought up in West Bromwich. Along with football, Rajan also has interest in playing different games and reading books. He can be easily called a multi-talented person because he enjoys basketball too.

As a kid, Rajan had developed deep interest in sports. While growing up, he wanted to get into sports at a professional level. As football and basketball are his absolute favourite, he focuses more on these sports. He considered taking up playing football as a career option and every day, practiced hard to make it happen. After all the hardwork, determination, and of course, practice, Rajan got the recognition he truly deserved.

Thanks to his talent and passion in playing football, a lot of people recognised his skills and how he is capable of doing big and better. He is one of the top footballers in the young brigade currently. But Rajan doesn't want to stop her. He wants to keep pushing himself more, work hard and make a mark for himself worldwide.