The world is witnessing unprecedented times today. The pandemic has indeed thrown people for a loop. So much so that it is becoming difficult for many to stay positive and see a future out of this pandemic. Raul Gonzalez III, a crypto trader and foreign exchange market expert, shares some tips on picking up the pieces and making things work through difficult times.

Relying on other people when it comes to your business is not a good idea, at least not all the time. According to Raul Gonzalez III, it is better to trudge your own path no matter how difficult it might be, rather than trusting that others will match your passion for success. “No matter how good your relationships are and no matter how much people wish you success, they do not have the same interest in your business as your do, so they will lose interest. I got this mindset from my dad. I, too, struck out my own path and decided not to rely on my parents,” he added.

When he was only 15 or 16, Raul Gonzalez III left home, and when he stumbled onto the world of day trading, he decided to take a massive risk in it. “I studied everything I could on day trading and invested in it, doing my best to turn it into a successful venture. Eventually, in three weeks, I had made a return of 45% that amounted to nearly $140,000,” he said. Later, in 2018, he started teaching a course to help other people with their money. He realized that the best way to overcome difficult times is to help others in their time of need.

Raul Gonzalez III believes that happiness comes from being surrounded by people who love and support you. So, it is important to help and support others, and that’s precisely what Raul is and plans to continue doing.